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USA Security is a security solutions company. We know that you want your home and business to feel safe and to be safe. At USA Security, that's what we do. We design and implement cutting-edge access control, security systems and products for residential, commercial and enterprise properties. We specialize in safety and intrusion alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV) security camera systems and internal monitoring.

At Home
Keep your family safe with USA Security's intrusion and burglar alarm systems, fire and life safety systems, CCTV security systems and wireless CCTV. Our technicians can integrate your home security services, as well as repair or upgrade computers with networking and IT services for maximum safety and peace of mind for you and your family. You can even keep an eye on your home from anywhere, anytime with your Smartphone.

At the Office
Keep your business and your staff safe. No matter what size your company, USA Security has the right solutions for you. We offer consulting services, access control and security systems, fire and health safety, plus wired and wireless security products that make your office a safer place to work and conduct business. We can help you make and implement a plan. 

As an enterprise, people are constantly coming and going in your facility. You need to make sure that your establishment is not only safe for your patrons, but for your employees and the well-being of your business. USA Security offers consulting, design and installation for large complexes. We handle security camera systems, head counters, fire, health, safety and more for educational institutions, government complexes, shopping malls, sports facilities and gaming and entertainment venues.


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Contact USA Security at 1-866-624-1845 today to find out how we can enhance your safety, access control and security systems with our cutting edge technology, excellent customer service and top quality equipment.

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