Retail Video Surveillance Systems

USA Security provides retail shrinkage protection systems MN retailers can depend on. Loss prevention and reduction of shrinkage is extremely important to all retail stores. Not only does it protect the bottom line, but also increases the safety of the shopping environment for shoppers and staff alike. Video surveillance both on the sales floor and in stock rooms allows management to monitor suspicious activity and better allocate personnel resources to reduce theft.

We offer design and installation options to suit the needs of your business, providing both overt and covert installation of the best, integrated retail security systems MN has to offer. Our selection of cameras and monitoring equipment is second to none, and with out video recording, storage, and analytics services all of your video data is kept and analyzed in accordance with your specific needs. In addition, customizable service and maintenance plans you can rest assured that your system will receive updates in a timely fashion, and will work effectively at all times.